ISABELLE JENETTE ELLIS ~ Medals found at Brisbane Airport are reunited with Oamaru nonagenarian & former soldier.

822513 ~ ISABELLE JENETTE ELLIS     The genesis of this story was an email I received from Brisbane Airport in early April.  As a result, I circulated the following two posts on MRNZ's Facebook page: Medals Reunited NZ - Facebook April 23 822513 ~ Corporal ISABELLE JENETTE ELLIS, NZ Army 1942-1946. FOUND AT BRISBANE AIRPORT, 03 April 2019. These WW2 … [Read more...]

ANGUS [GALBRAITH] McLEAN ~ A lonely death in a distant land is remembered as a Scotsman’s NZEF war medal is delivered in person to his home in the Outer Hebrides.

73359 ~ Angus [Galbraith] McLean The return of this particular medal has taken the best part of three years, but unlike the ‘voyage of discovery’ that resulted from the  return of Matron Sylvia Brown's medal in my previous post, this story is quite brief. A Nelson resident, Jane L.** enjoys the challenge of genealogical research and had been trying to reunite some … [Read more...]

SYLVIA DAISY BROWN ~ Nelson Police recovery of Hospital Matron’s war medal leads to a long search of discovery.

2/R – B/28 ~ SYLVIA DAISY BROWN, RN ~ QAIMNSR     Uncharacteristically I am starting this story with the ending, the reason for which will become apparent as you read on. The impetus for this medal research initially came from the Nelson Police.  Constable Ben Wallbank in the course of apprehending an offender had found a First World War medal in the … [Read more...]

!! STOLEN MEDALS !! ~ Timaru, prior to 2019

STOLEN~STOLEN~STOLEN~STOLEN~STOLEN~STOLEN  From the South Canterbury RSA - again ! South Canterbury RSA "stars" yet again in its on-going 'MISSING MEDALS' saga.  A family who lent their WW1 Military Cross and WW1 Medal Trio group of: 7/753 CAPT Duncan Bain MURCHISON, MC Canterbury Mounted Rifles, 2nd Reinforcements had gone to retrieve the medals from the RSA … [Read more...]

DERYCK REEVE BACH ~ A Whitanga soldier’s unclaimed war medals & memorabilia: RSA asks MRNZ for help to return it to family.

33356 ~DERYCK REEVE BACH     Following the successful return of Second World War medals left at a Whitianga op shop in 2017 (refer Roland Castaing story), two boxes of medals and memorabilia were handed in to the same RSA that had requested our help to reunite the Castaing medals.  WW2  veteran Deryck Bach had been retired in Whitianga for some years and … [Read more...]

UPDATE ~ George Firman – RNZAF, Died on Air Operations

NZ4312786 ~ LAC George Firman ~ 40 Squadron RNZAF       In September 2018 we related the story of the death of 22 year old LAC George Firman (see below), one of 20 airmen on board a 40 Squadron Dakota aircraft that was returning to New Zealand from the Pacific Islands, having completed their tour of duty.  Bound for RNZAF Station Whenuapai, the aircraft … [Read more...]

DAVID MALCOLM FRANK LINES ~ NZDSM “National Service” medal recovered from donated goods to a Nelson Op-Shop.

787536 ~ DAVID MALCOLM FRANK LINES     Eagle-eyed former British Army and NZ Territorial Force soldier Ann Stafford is a volunteer at the Nelson SPCA Op Shop.  When she spotted a NZDF medal case among a pile of donated goods a few weeks ago, she convinced her supervisor it should be returned to the owner rather than sold.  Problem?: the donated … [Read more...]

PERCIVAL RICHARD SIMEON ~ Borneo General Service Medal lost 50 years ago reunited with its Perth owner.

40399 ~ PERCIVAL RICHARD SIMEON     Former Kiwi soldier Percy Simeon is now 74 and lives in Perth, Western Australia.  When I rang him and told him I was holding his General Service Medal 1962 with clasp BORNEO in my hand, he was thunderstruck.  “How did you get that?” he asked.  Being cautious in not knowing the man, and also cognizant that he … [Read more...]

RONALD GORDON HAY-MACKENZIE ~ Unclaimed WW2 medals of Westport POW united with family after 63 years.

16586 ~ RONALD GORDON HAY-MACKENZIE Hay-Mackenzie is a name associated with early Otago from the 1840s, and later with Westport from 1897 to the present day.  Like friendly societies, volunteer fire brigades, military units and bands, the lodge played a vital role in the social and business life of the colonial male.  Tertius Hay-Mackenzie (1846-1906) was a 26 year old … [Read more...]

PTE Anthony Devlin’s Boer War medal & London’s centennial Remembrance Parade 2018 ~ UPDATE

Yesterday I received an the email (below) from Kieron Graham of Carlisle, Cumbria in the north-east of England.  Kieron and son Jacob are direct descendants of 6359 Pte. Anthony Devlin, East Lancashire Regiment who fought in both the Boer War and First World War.  Kieron was the recipient of Pte. Devlin's Queen's South Africa medal that had been found in the Hokianga some … [Read more...]

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