WANTED .. MESNY & VEAL ~ Medals Reunited NZ search for descendants goes live on Guernsey, Channel Islands.

Our search for descendants of two British Army soldiers, both of whom died in 1918 on the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands, was recently circulated in the Gurnsey Press and via a live radio interview.  Both medals were a father's gift to his (still) memorabilia mad then 11 year old son born on Guernsey, Trevor Preston who emigrated to New Zealand with his family in … [Read more...]

ROUEN RODNEY BEALE ~ A medal denied as the result of an admin SNAFU is finally awarded to a 1957 CMT Recruit.

649016 ~ ROUEN RODNEY BEALE     Born in Hastings in 1938, 82 year old Rouen Rodney Beale is retired gentleman who lives with his wife Toni on the Kapiti Coast.  The Beales have an adult family of two sons.  Rouen is a veteran of the NZ Government's compulsory military training (CMT) scheme that ran in New Zealand from 1950 to 1958, a scheme that was … [Read more...]

GEORGE MITCHELL ~ Medals of distinguished soldier – citizen reunited with family after a 40 plus year absence.

8/1173 ~ GEORGE MITCHELL, DSO, OSK† (Serbia), MP     Some details in this story remain confidential by request. In 2016 I received an enquiry from a gentleman descendant of the late 8/1173 Lieutenant-Colonel George Mitchell, DSO, OSK†, MP who had served in the New Zealand Military Forces during the Boer War and First World War.  The enquiry was in relation to … [Read more...]

JAMES LENNIE SWAINSON ~ An early Christmas present for theft victim, with our compliments.

18591 ~ JAMES LENNIE SWAINSON     During the first week of December I received a phone call from a gentleman in Christchurch regarding his father’s stolen World War 2 medals.  Trevor’s father had been a Sapper in the NZ Engineers during WW2 who had served in the Pacific (twice) with the 3rd (NZ Division, 2NZEF (IP).**  When James Lennie Swainson died in … [Read more...]

WILLIAM ROY WESLEY BARRIBALL ~ ‘Ship of Death’ survivor’s war medal found by MRNZ in France.

76399 - William Roy Wesley BARRIBALL  In April 2015 I received an inquiry from a former RNZAF colleague regarding his grandfather’s missing war medal.  Roger related to me the story of how he had been perusing TradeMe and came upon an historical sale for a medal he recognised – his grandfathers!   To Roger’s knowledge the medal had been in his mother’s … [Read more...]

FORBES, FORBES & ZIMMERMANN ~ Stolen WW1 English & French medals surface to the amazement of their ex-pat owner.

~ CAPT. CHARLES HAROLD FORBES, LAC. JOHN GRAHAM FORBES, CPL. CHARLES HENRI ZIMMERMAN ~          I am usually very careful not to open mail that bounces into my SPAM email box however one had caught my eye that warranted a closer look.  Despite the big orange banner warning me that Gmail could not verify the email address and I should be alert to … [Read more...]

DONALD NEIL REED ~ The “Man Overboard” has been found while his Long Service in the RNZN recalled.

~ 18762 DONALD NEIL REED – RNZN ~     In October 2018 a  message on the Medals Reunited New Zealand FACEBOOK page arrived from Lorraine “Raine” Stewart of Auckland.  The message said "I would like to find the owner of this medal.  The name is 18762 WMEM D N REED.  Been in our possession for years yet have no idea who it belongs to.  It needs … [Read more...]

WILLIAM McD. McQUEEN & FREDERICK J. K. ROLFE ~ Soldiers connected in life, their medals separated in death: an anonymous Whitianga find results in a remarkable reunification.

38443 ~ WILLIAM McDONALD McQUEEN     16586 ~ FREDERICK JOHN KILBURN ROLFE     Bruce Collier is a Vietnam Veteran and member of the Mercury Bay RSA in Whitianga.  I have had the privilege of assisting this RSA with reuniting a number of medals and memorabilia in the past (refer Castaing and Bach posts).  Bruce advised me he had been given a … [Read more...]

23/38 Sgt. GEORGE WILLIAM DINES ~ Another medal surfaces and returns home to Fairlie ~ UPDATE.

This week I had the pleasure of contacting a young man who was a key figure in the return of a Victory Medal in 2017.  The medal had been sent to the parents of 23/38 Sergeant George William Dines who had been killed the during the opening battle of the Somme campaign in 1916.  The Battle of Flers-Courcelette was the first significant engagement for the New Zealanders in … [Read more...]

WILLIAM ROBERT STANLEY ~ Medal of a ‘lost’ Gallipoli Trooper is returned to a Dunedin descendant, dedicated to honouring his memory.

9/594 ~ WILLIAM ROBERT STANLEY     A medal posted on our Medals~FOUND page has resulted in another successful claim and return to the descendant family of a Dunedin born First World War soldier, Rifleman William Robert Stanley.               Staffordshire to Dunedin      Robert STANLEY (1809-1876), an … [Read more...]

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