THOMAS WALTER TAYLOR ~ #200 ~ ID bracelet of a WW2 Gunner from Rai Valley, Marlborough is found after burglary.

20663 ~ THOMAS WALTER TAYLOR     A call to MRNZ from the New Zealand Police in late October 2017 was another of their requests for help to reunite a personal item of military memorabilia.  A bespoke Second World War identity bracelet had been handed in to the New Brighton Police Station, and I would attempt to locate an owner family or … [Read more...]

MAURICE CLIFTON DRUMMOND ~ ‘Death Penny’ & medal reunited with Braeburn, Lower Moutere descendant.

29235 - MAURICE CLIFTON DRUMMOND - KIA     This is yet another case of a Memorial Plaque and medal 'lost' to an NZEF soldier's family by time and circumstance.  The plaque commemorates the death of Maurice Clifton Drummond, a former Motueka Mounted Rifleman and WW1 infantry soldier who was Killed in Action in France, … [Read more...]

FREDERICK HAROLD MINTROM, MC, MM ~ Missing double gallantry group of a Canterbury soldier and officer welcomed home.

26363 & 3/1/5 - FREDERICK HAROLD MINTROM, M.C., M.M.       Foreword:  It is rare for MRNZ to have an opportunity to reunite a double gallantry medal group with the recipient's family.  To do justice to  one of only two NZ Machine-gun Corps recipients these two First World War decorations, would warrant a book.  I have attempted to provide … [Read more...]

THOMAS SEYMOUR PRICHARD, BEM (Mil) – Medal belonging to New Zealand’s “Mr Shooting” found in Waikari, Nth Canterbury.

271581 - THOMAS SEYMOUR PRICHARD, BEM (Mil)      An article appeared in an October edition of the North Canterbury News, relating the return of a WW1 Memorial ('Death') Plaque we had reunited with a Waikari family.  Brian O'Sullivan, also a Waikari resident, read the article and was prompted to recall a medal he had inherited from his grandmother after she died … [Read more...]

Trophy medal won 82 years ago reunited with family of New Zealand’s “Mr Shooting”

A rifle shooting medal earned in 1935 by a young man who would dedicate over 40 years to competition, coaching and administrating target rifle shooting in New Zealand, was found in a box of personal papers of a Waikari man's grandmother ... this article appeared in the North Canterbury News on February 5, 2018.  Journey complete .. Brian O'Sullivan, right, holds the Pattee … [Read more...]

SAMUEL ALBERT McMILLAN, MM ~ Mataura River ‘gold’ is reunited after a 50 plus year unresolved mystery.

24/1439 - SAMUEL ALBERT McMILLAN, M.M. (aka William Henry McMillan)     I was recently privileged to do some research for the descendant family of another WW1 soldier who had earned a gallantry medal during the Battle of Harvincourt, France in September 1918. The research came about in a circuitous way which had started with a gold fob pendant/medal that had been … [Read more...]

CHARLES ROBERT GRATWICK ~ Deceased Estate medals of UK migrant reunited with descendant during visit to NZ.

8/3909 - CHARLES ROBERT GRATWICK    Polson McMillan (PM) is a Dunedin law firm.  One of PM consultant experts in family and property law is Helen Davidson from whom I received a letter in January 2016 regarding the Estate of Miss Christine Bertha GRATWICK, a 91 year old unmarried lady of Dunedin who had died at the Yvette Williams Rest Home on 12 January … [Read more...]

MATEKAIROA NICHOLAS BAKER – Medal found for service in Malaya with Fiji Infantry reaps two more for Gisborne family.

34042 - TE HOANI MATEKAIROA NICHOLAS BAKER        In July 2016 I received an email from Greg S. of Auckland who told me that as a Hamilton schoolboy some 25 years ago, he had found what he thought was a coin in McCracken Street, Hillview on his way to school.  Greg had held onto the ‘coin’ as a curiosity and only recently re-discovered it after being … [Read more...]

ALBERT EVERITT, MM ~ Update No. 4 … the reunited Victory Medal

Where is "Mutt"? ... Andrew Dare's find of a Victory Medal (also dug up in a garden) turned out to be the second unearthed medal which had been awarded to Cpl Albert Everitt, M.M. - Killed In Action at Passchendaele.  Here are the latest pictures of Andrew and the medal he recently returned to the Everitt family.  … [Read more...]

ROY GORDON MURDOCH – 101 year old letter from the trenches of Armentieres is reunited with soldier’s grand-daughter.

12/3527 & 801719 - ROY GORDON MURDOCH     The NZRSA REVIEW is a newspaper produced for the benefit of veterans with an interest in the goings-on of those who are serving and those who have served; it is published four times a year.   The following appeared in the 'Lost Trails' column of the Spring edition, July 2017: Roy Gordon Murdoch … [Read more...]