WILLIAM ROBERT STANLEY ~ Medal of a ‘lost’ Gallipoli Trooper is returned to a Dunedin descendant, dedicated to honouring his memory.

9/594 ~ WILLIAM ROBERT STANLEY     A medal posted on our Medals~FOUND page has resulted in another successful claim and return to the descendant family of a Dunedin born First World War soldier, Rifleman William Robert Stanley.               Staffordshire to Dunedin      Robert STANLEY (1809-1876), an … [Read more...]

WILLIAM MANSON ~ Dunedin soldier’s war medal a welcome birthday surprise for 90 year old niece.

26/1044 ~ WILLIAM MANSON     Retired New Zealand Army Officer Huia Ockwell, a born and bred Dunedin-ite, served in the NZ Army's territorial and regular forces from 1955–1972.  He served as a member of both the Royal NZ Artillery and later the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment. Commissioned as a Territorial Force officer in 1956, Huia was inspired to continue … [Read more...]

EDWARD WAHANUI SIMON ~ Prison Officer’s medal found on a Titirangi road during COVID-19 exercise walk.

EDWARD WAHANUI SIMON ~ NZ Prison Service     Four weeks ago I received a request from the NZ Police in Auckland for help to return a medal that had been found by a woman and her daughter who were taking exercise during the COVID-19 Level Four 'Lockdown' in May this year.  Police Sgt. Mike Nolan from the Waitakeri Station contacted me for assistance to identify … [Read more...]

Long-missing medal returned to family ~ Otago Daily Times.

Captain (Ret'd) Huia Ockwell is a well known Dunedin identity and former NZ Army officer who lives in retirement at Chatswood.  A First World War medal awarded for the war service of 26/1044 Corporal William Manson was posted to Dunedin's George Manson after his son had been killed five days before the Armistice was declared on 11 November 1918.  The British War Medal, … [Read more...]

Medals found in the grass in Whitianga reunited with Wellington man.

  You can read the STUFF article dated 16 Jun 2020 here: McQUEEN & ROLFE         … [Read more...]

PETER LEONARD WEATHERILL ~ Retired airman reunited with medals lost 21 years ago, after being spotted on Trade-Me.

P3529174 & J86856 ~ PETER LEONARD WEATHERILL – RAF, RNZAF A few weeks ago I opened an email around half-past midnight from “John O’R.” whom I do not know.  The email had arrived unsolicited with no message but simply a Trade-Me URL enclosed.  I opened the URL which revealed a picture of two full size medals plus a miniature medal that being offered for sale by … [Read more...]

ORCHARD, BEHAN, GRAINGER ~ Stolen bag of NZ & AUST medals handed in to Whakatane Police ~ owners found on both sides of the Tasman.

~ ORCHARD (NZ), BEHAN & GRAINGER (AUST) ~     It is a relatively rare occasion when I am contacted by the NZ Police for help with reuniting medals, but two requests within two weeks was unprecedented!  Just after I had wrapped up the ELVY medal case for the Avondale Police (see previous post), I turned on my phone to start the day’s work when a message … [Read more...]

CLAUDE DAVID ELVY ~ Medal found by NZ Police belonged to one of four brothers who went to WW1 – the one who never returned.

28994 ~ CLAUDE DAVID ELVY     The NZ Police often come across military medals in the course of their duties.  Most tend to come from the members of the public who find them and hand them in, while others are the result of an operational property or offender search.  A phone call from the Avondale Police in Auckland was one of these latter … [Read more...]

NZ POLICE, WHAKATANE ~ An anonymous bag of war medals for three ex-servicemen is on track to be returned.

~ ORCHARD - BEHAN - GRAINGER ~     A text message accompanied by a photograph of a newspaper article that appeared in the Opotiki News on 25 February, was sent to me by 'Colonel Tom', a retired infantry officer and military historian, and a supporter of Medals Reunited New Zealand.  Many of you know Col. (Ret'd) Tom O'Reilly.  Tom had seen the article and … [Read more...]


Two 'FEE-OWN-ARS' to the rescue .....     Phiona Puhara was in a Taupo op shop looking to buy some second-hand picture frames.  The frames Phiona selected each had an old black & white photograph in them which she intended to throw away.  It wasn't until she took the pictures out of their frames that she discovered the names written on the backs - Hugh … [Read more...]

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