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From the beginning of our commitment to the First World War, and after the Gallipoli Campaign, New Zealand soldiers fought with great distinction in the campaign to liberate Ottoman-controlled Palestine.  Across the Western Front of France and Belgium, soldiers of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force played a very significant role in the fighting after their move from Egypt in 1916. 

Throughout  the conflicts of WW2, Korea, Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam and the more recent operations in foreign lands, New Zealand’s servicemen and women of the Navy, Army and the Air Force have served with commitment and distinction … this gallery illustrates some of the medals past and present awarded for their service; from honours bestowed for daring acts of bravery and gallant conduct, and distinguished service to the wide range of service medals earned by the loyal legions of volunteer servicemen and women who have sacrificed much in answering their country’s ‘Call to Arms’…

British Commonwealth & NZ State Orders (1886>)

British Commonwealth Gallantry & Bravery Decorations (1856-1998)

NZ Gallantry Decorations (1999>)

NZ Bravery Decorations (1999>)

NZ Land & South African [Anglo-Boer] Wars (1846-1902) 

WW1 Campaign & War Service Medals (1914-18)

WW2 Campaign & War Service Medals (1939-45)

Post WW2 NZ Service Medals (1946>)

Post WW1 & WW2 Commonwealth & NZ General Service Medals (1918>)

Korean War (K Force, 1950-53)

Vietnam War (V-Force, 1960-73)

United Nations Service Medals (1948 >)

Foreign Campaign Medals [Non-UN] (1982>) 

NZ Special & Defence Service Medals (2002>)

Meritorious, Long, Efficient, Reserve & Cadet Force – Service Medals

British Coronation & Jubilee Medals (1937-77)

Commendations & Citations – Individual & Unit Meritorious Service

NZ Forces Generic Identity Insignia

NZ Returned & Services Assn. Insignia


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