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The following are some of the most common questions we are asked about our service …



Can you find my relative’s medals ?

Our focus is necessarily on researching and reuniting medals that are sent to us, in itself a very time consuming process.   However we can certainly advise you where and how to initiate your own search for your family medals.  You will find additional resources to help you in Useful Links.  We can also add your lost or missing medals to the Medals ~ LOST page which is viewed world-wide – just send us whatever details you have.  

Where do the medals come from ?

The medals come from a variety of sources – members of the public in NZ and overseas, NZ Defence Forces, NZRSA, Police, medal collectors, security services, businesses, clubs, hospitality organisations and charity shops.

Will you research any medal ?

Yes, but only OFFICIAL medals.  Our priority will always be to search for the kin of named New Zealand war medals first.  Foreign medals we will also undertake to reunite when the NZ medals are completed.  Un-named medals are much more difficult to find a descendant for unless the medals are accompanied by a personal item that clearly links the medals with a particular recipient, i.e. named photo, certificate, letter, document etc.  Without this supporting information we can only make the best effort to establish the identify of the medal recipient and possibly kin.

How do you know the medals you are given are not stolen ?

We don’t – however if we suspect a medal has been stolen we will be obliged to advise the New Zealand Police.

Will you research a medal if I send you the details of it ?

We will only research medals we have on ‘Temporary Loan’ from yourself.  The reasons for this policy are detailed on the Medals ~ FOUND page of this website.

What happens if the veteran’s family has moved overseas ?

MRNZ has many international contacts and resources that will allow us to trace a veteran’s family or descendants anywhere in the world.

How long does the research generally take ?

This is unknown as tracing a relative or descendant, particularly if a medal is un-named, may be quite quick if there is easily accessible information available on descendants.  If not we will make the very best effort to trace a descendant however, a veteran who is native of another country, or the veteran’s family has emigrated to another country, can considerable prolong the research (years even).  You may be assured MRNZ will not give up a search until all resources at our disposal have been exhausted.  Irrespective, you will be advised of the results.

What happens to the medals if family or a descendant can not be traced, or if the medals are no longer wanted by the owner ?

In the short to medium term we retain the medals at MRNZ since it is always possible information can become available from readers of our website and also the messages we attach to veteran’s pages in the Auckland War Memorial Museum’s Cenotaph pages.  Once we consider all possibilities have been exhausted and a medal still has no ‘home’ the owner will be consulted for a decision  on what they wish to do – have it returned or, we will offer some suggestions for the medal’s appropriate disposal.  Our default position in the absence of any instructions is to send these medals to the national museum of the Service the medal recipient was from e.g. the national Navy, Army or Air Force, Police museums etc.  No medal  entrusted to our care will ever be sold or otherwise disposed of.  

Why are we doing this … no-one does anything for FREE these days ?

We as recent ex-servicemen and veterans are only too aware of the sacrifices and hardships many of our contemporary military veterans have had to face during warlike or dangerous operations.  Our military forebears who fought in the Boer War, WW1, WW2, Korea, Malaya, Vietnam endured significantly greater hardships and far greater loss of life.  Many thousands of New Zealand veterans suffered as a result of their service, many having paid the supreme price.  

The medals that these veterans, or the families of the dead, received are representative of the service and sacrifices that were made in ghastly circumstances over a prolonged number of years.   The medals of these veterans that are found, turn up on the internet, in second-hand shops etc regrettably represent a very large number who have been long forgotten with the passage of time.  Their medals however endure and rather than be traded or collected, we believe deserve to be with their descendant kin.  By reuniting medals with kin we hope to refresh a family’s desire to remember and honour an ancestor veteran by wearing their medals on appropriate occasions.  



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