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JOHN RUSSELL – Typhoid invalid’s WW2 medals reunited with step-daughters.

45743 - JOHN RUSSELL     Max J. of Asburton contacted me in November 2015 requesting help to reunite a set of WW2 medals he had acquired a couple of years ago.  He had decided to try to reunite them with the soldiers family and to that end had attempted research of the soldier and his family but without much success.  As many of you will be aware WW2 … [Read more...]

WILLIAM HENRY ANDREWS (alias HENRY ‘Harry’ ANNALS) – Brothers KIA on same day in Battle of Flers, Somme 1916.

8/3467 - WILLIAM HENRY ANDREWS, alias HENRY "Harry" ANNALS     The British War Medal and Victory Medal named to 8/3467 RFLM William Henry ANDREWS were acquired by MRNZ from a deceased estate with a view to reuniting them with descendant family.  When I started the research to find an Andrews descendant the trail was initially somewhat confusing.  … [Read more...]