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!!  STOLEN  MEDALS  !! Can you help .... ?   Stolen from:  Taupo - January 2017 Service:  NZ Army  Medals named to:  M. DOOHAN Medals:   NZ Operational Service Medal General Service Medal Afghanistan (Primary) NATO Medal for Non Article 5 Operations in Afghanistan NZ Defence Service Medal … [Read more...]


!!  STOLEN  MEDALS  !! Can you help .... ? Stolen from:  Westgate, NW Auckland (from car in Richfield Cres) Service:  NZ Army (2/1 Bn, RNZIR) Medals named to:    K. NIELSEN Medals:  NZ Operational Service Medal East Timor Medal NZ Defence Service Medal (Clasp: Regular)Additional Items:  Chief Of … [Read more...]


!!  STOLEN  MEDALS  !! Can you help ....?   Stolen from:  Napier - January 2017 Service:  RNZN Medals named to:  T. J. McKENZIE Medals:  NZ Operational Service Medal United Nations Special Service Medal NZ Defence Service Medal (Clasp: Regular)Additional Items:  Black case with NZ Coat of Arms under … [Read more...]


!!  STOLEN  MEDALS  !!     RECOVERED !! - Aug 2017 Can you help .... ?   Stolen from:  Rotorua – Dec/Jan 2017 Service:  19 Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) - WW1 & WW2 Medals named to:  55752  RSM  (maybe Lt/Capt) S. J. (Samuel John) BENNETT - 19. Bn.  C.E.F. (Canadian Expeditionary … [Read more...]


!!  STOLEN  MEDALS  !! From:  Waitakeri Ranges, Swanson, W. Auckland – March 2016 Service:  RNZAF Veteran’s Name: B. A. ATTWOOD Medals:  NZ Operational Service Medal*, East Timor Medal*, UN (UNMISET) Service Medal, LS & GC Medal* + Bar, NZ Defence Service Medal - Clasp: Regular** Notes   * = medals named to:   X90687 F/S B.A. … [Read more...]

WILLIAM SOWMAN – WW1 medal offered by Australian collector to Nelson’s SOWMAN family.  

2/2915 - WILLIAM SOWMAN     Quite out of the blue a few months ago I received an unsolicited email from an Australian resident medal collector (AMC - an ex-pat Kiwi).  AMC had seen my Medals Reunited NZ website and was very supportive of the work we do.  As a result AMC offered me the opportunity to reunite any of over 400 New Zealand medals in his … [Read more...]

THOMAS BIRKBY CANNON – Militaria collector’s generosity reunites Wanganui family with WW1 & WW2 medals PLUS.. !

24/1347 & 31515 – THOMAS BIRKBY CANNON    In April 2015 Lorraine Cannon of Wanganui posted a “Lost Trails” request in the RSA REVIEW newspaper for any information that may help recover the lost war medals of her late grandfather,  24/1347 Rflm. Thomas Birkby CANNON  of Wanganui.  The medals had been lost to the family sometime after Thomas's … [Read more...]

BERNARD HERBERT MONK – Could this medal be one of Grandma’s Personal secrets ?

10/459 - BERNARD HERBERT MONK     In November 2016 I received the following message on the MRNZ Contact Form: SUBJECT Medal MESSAGEMedal was with my Mums things for Years. I always thought it belonged to her 1st Hubby killed in World War 2. His name J A Walsh RAF. This Medal 1914-1918 with a Horse on it has the No 10/459 PTE BH Monk. Didn't even … [Read more...]