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MALCOLM CAMPBELL CRAIG – Medal found in Kaitangata returned to CRAIG family in Auckland.

10/1457 - MALCOLM CAMPBELL CRAIG     In August this year I received a posted “Comment” from a viewer of the Medals Reunited NZ website, something I do not check often as it is usually nothing but spam and records of hacking attempts.  However, I check anyway and in sorting through the list came across a comment posted by Sarah B. of Kaitangata, South Otago.  She … [Read more...]

ERNEST ASHWORTH – ‘Death Plaque’ returned to Oamaru family.

23780 - ERNEST ASHWORTH A WW1 Memorial Plaque that has been in the safe custody of two former soldiers for more than 21 years was reunited with family last Friday. An offer to take temporary care of a former fellow soldier’s belongings whilst he emigrated to Australia in 1995, resulted in John T. of Rotorua becoming the unwitting custodian of Pte. Ernest Ashworth’s WW1 Memorial … [Read more...]

NORMAN ALEXANDER ANDREWS – Nelson RSA Medals – the LAST WW1 medal is reunited.

53567 - NORMAN ALEXANDER ANDREWS L/CPL Norman ANDREWS  medals are the last of ten WW1 medal groups that were offered back to family descendants by the Nelson RSA, a gesture President Barry Pont said was the RSA’s way of adding special significance to the commemorative activities associated with the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings in April this year. A public … [Read more...]