MATEKAIROA NICHOLAS BAKER – Medal found for service in Malaya with Fiji Infantry reaps two more for Gisborne family.

34042 - TE HOANI MATEKAIROA NICHOLAS BAKER       In July 2016 I received an email from Greg S. of Auckland who told me that as a Hamilton schoolboy some 25 years ago, he had found what he thought was a coin in McCracken Street, Hillview on his way to school.  Greg had held onto the ‘coin’ as a curiosity and only recently re-discovered it after being … [Read more...]

CPL ALBERT EVERITT, MM ~ Update No. 4 … the reunited Victory Medal

Where is "Mutt"? ... Andrew Dare's find of a Victory Medal (also dug up in a garden) turned out to be the second unearthed medal which had been awarded to Cpl Albert Everitt, M.M. - Killed In Action at Passchendaele.  Here are the latest pictures of Andrew and the medal he recently returned to the Everitt family.  … [Read more...]

ROY GORDON MURDOCH – 101 year old letter from the trenches of Armentieres is reunited with soldier’s grand-daughter.

12/3527 & 801719 - ROY GORDON MURDOCH     The NZRSA REVIEW is a newspaper produced for the benefit of veterans with an interest in the goings-on of those who are serving and those who have served; it is published four times a year.  The following appeared in the 'Lost Trails' column of the Spring edition, July 2017: Roy Gordon Murdoch … [Read more...]

GERALD ADAM PAUL – WW1 medals of New Plymouth “Rough Rider” find a home on the Isle of Wight.

SA-2699 / 2588 - GERALD ADAM PAUL    This is a fascinating, if rather lengthy, story of the commitment to military service by a number of families, all linked to the son of a New Plymouth brewery owner who: graduated from Wanganui Collegiate, joined the Royal Horse Artillery Volunteers of the Permanent Militia in New Plymouth, served as a Gunner with 'H' Battery in … [Read more...]

ALBERT EVERITT, MM ~ Update No. 3 … Hooray ! … “JEFF” has been found but where on earth is “MUTT” and “DP” ?

This is the story that just keeps on giving .....  After Medals Reunited NZ first became involved with the research, restoration and return of Cpl. Albert Everitt's gallantry medal, the Military Medal, which had been dug up some 40 years ago in a Glenfield property, the Passchendaele 100th anniversary memorial service at the Auckland War Memorial Museum on 12 … [Read more...]

WILLIAM ANDREW CHAPMAN ~ The travels of a Palmerston North family’s WW1 memorial plaque finally end in London.

2/2792 – WILLIAM ANDREW CHAPMAN     Some years ago I saw a very nicely mounted WW1 Memorial Plaque on TradeMe that was named to one WILLIAM ANDREW CHAPMAN.  I thought at the time someone had gone to quite a lot of trouble to have it set into a solid (and heavy) nicely finished piece of polished mahogany, in the shape of a shield with cord attached for hanging on … [Read more...]

NZ Herald ~ Remarkable twist in mystery of WW1 hero Albert Everitt

NZ Herald ~ 29 October 2017  Read article - click here  … [Read more...]

BERNARD CECIL WIDDON ~ Medals dropped by burglars in Geelong Park make a double trans-Tasman crossing.

515226 - BERNARD CECIL WIDDON     I received a request from the Victorian Police on 5 October after a set of WW2 miniature medals belonging to a New Zealander had been found in a recreational park at Bell Post Hill, Geelong and had been handed in to local police in the town of Corio.  Checks of were made of all the RSL Clubs in Geelong and enquiries also made at … [Read more...]

ALEXANDER WATT McMILLAN ~ Saltwater Creek farmer a casualty of New Zealand’s “Darkest Day”

24/2541 - ALEXANDER WATT McMILLAN     In 2015 MRNZ received a memorial plaque from a confidential donor in the Waikato, named to Alexander Watt McMillan.  The plaque had been found in the possessions of a deceased pensioner, Albert King, who had apparently died with no known family.  Albert had also been a WW1 soldier but what the relationship (if any) with … [Read more...]

NZ Herald ~ Joy as WW1 medal finds its way home

NZ Herald ~ 13 October 2017  Read article - click here    … [Read more...]