THE RANDALL BROTHERS ~ ONE medal reunites TWO for separate Blenheim descendants.


WW1 medals of two Randall brothers from Koromiko, Blenheim have been returned to descendant families. 

From left: Stephen Jones, Doug Randall (86), nephew of 61151 PTE John Randall, Cant Inf Bn. – 6th Reinforcements, with his uncle’s British War Medal that was found by Stephen, and Ian Martyn of Medals Reunited NZ.

Rita Paynter, daughter of 6/2371 CPL Charlie Randall, NZ Entrenching Bn, Cant Inf Regt. – 31st Reinforcements receives he father’s 1914-15 Star from Ian Martyn of Medals Reunited NZ.


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Details of the research and service of both Randall brothers will be posted shortly …