UPDATE – ‘Death Penny’ given … Oamaru Mail

An Oamaru Mail article regarding the return of a Memorial Plaque (‘Death Penny’) given to the parents of Private Ernest Ashworth, was published on 22 Dec 2015.  The full article can be read here:

Oamaru Mail – ‘Death Penny’ given … Pte. Ernest Ashworth


The Oamaru War Memorial - Ashworh descendants.

The Oamaru War Memorial – the Ashworth descendants.

The Ernest Ashworth descendants from left - Margaret  Goodall (Ernest's youngest  and only surviving sister),  and daughters Sharyn Price and Marise Martin (both great nieces of Ernest) .

Ernest Ashworth’s descendants with Ian (MRNZ) are from left:  Margaret Goodall (Ernest’s youngest sister and only surviving Ashworth), Margaret’s daughters Sharyn Price and Marise Martin (great nieces of Ernest) .

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