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The Links below will allow you to access additional useful information about your veteran ancestor’s medal entitlement and military service.  

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NZDF Personnel Archives and Medals (PAMS)

 Phone :    ++64-4-527-5280

Email :     [email protected]   

Written inquiries may be sent to ….

NZDF Personnel Archives & Medals
Trentham Military Camp
Private Bag 905
Upper Hutt 5140
New Zealand


Related Websites

NZ Defence Force Medals website

NZDF Personnel Records – Boer War to the present day –

NZDF Medal Tracking Database a list of medals and other items sought by family members and collectors

New Zealand National Honours and Awards – Department of the Prime Minister at


NZDF Medal Supplier – – for an NZDF approved Singapore company that can supply replacement, duplicate or replica medals.  Alternatively Goggle:replica New Zealand medals’

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             Army Personnel Center
             Disclosure 2, Mail Point 515
             Kentigern House
             65 Brown Street, Glasgow, G2 SEX

 NZDF plaque