Update 2018 ~ RFLM. NORMAN BARNARD OTTO WESTERHOLM ~ Etaples Military Cemetery, France.

Honouring  the life and sacrifice of  Palmerston North soldier, RFLM. NORMAN BARNARD OTTO WESTERHOLM – KIA, 9 September 1916   

Rflm. N.B.O. Westerholm – age 2o

Moira G. was the donor of Rflm. Norman Westerholm’s ‘death plaque’ found in Wellington several years ago which MRNZ was able to return to a descendant family in Australia.

Recently Moira made a pilgrimage to the WW1 battlefields of France.  On 4 September 2018 Moira made the first and only visit ever made to Rflm. Westerholm’s war grave in the Etaples Military Cemetery, Pas-de-Calais, France. 

Moira carried a message plaque sent to her from the recipient of Norman’s ‘death penny’ whom we had traced to Australia, his great-nephew Graham Blixt and family.  The Blixt’s message plaque and a Poppy were laid by Moira at Norman’s grave, a personal tribute to one of the thousands of NZ soldiers who made the Supreme Sacrifice during the First World War.




Moira places the Blixt family’s plaque at Rflm. Norman Westerholm’s grave – 4 Sep 2018


















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NORMAN BARNARD OTTO WESTERHOLM – Manawatu soldier’s ‘Death Plaque’ found buried in a Wellington driveway.