!! STOLEN MEDALS !! ~ Timaru, prior to 2019


From the South Canterbury RSA – again !

South Canterbury RSA “stars” yet again in its on-going ‘MISSING MEDALS’ saga.  A family who lent their WW1 Military Cross and WW1 Medal Trio group of:

7/753 CAPT Duncan Bain MURCHISON, MC

Canterbury Mounted Rifles, 2nd Reinforcements

had gone to retrieve the medals from the RSA recently, was horrified to learn that their grandfather’s medals have been MISSING~STOLEN from this RSA at sometime prior to 2019.  The loss cannot be explained by the SCRSA President, Executive, or membership !! This is yet another case of exactly the same circumstances that occurred a few months ago with the gallantry and WW2 medals of SGT Walter SMITH, DCM whose Distinguished Conduct Medal group disappeared from the custody of this RSA.  Fortunately, the SMITH medals were mysteriously RETURNED anonymously by the local thief !

If you have any knowledge that may assist with the recovery of these medals, please contact the Timaru Police – Senior Sergeant Dylan Murray, or, contact Medals Reunited NZ on 027-940-4495; anonymous emails also welcomed: [email protected]    

I implore the public of NZ to get your family memorabilia OUT of all NZRSAs or be prepared to lose it !  Neither the membership nor the management of any RSA in New Zealand can be trusted to provide enduring safe custody or appropriate conservation care of these items.

The picture of the missing medals is representative of the stolen MURCHISON medals.  All medals are named.