!! STOLEN MEDALS !! ~ Selling on Trade-Me Auction, 20 Aug 2018




~ 20 August 2018 ~

NZ4312786  Leading Aircraftman George FIRMAN – 40 Sqn, RNZAF died on air operations in September 1945 while he was travelling home after the war from Espirito Santo where he had been serving.  The Dakota aircraft went missing and was lost with all aboard; no trace was ever found. 

LAC Firman’s war medals were sent to his mother and being the only mementos they have of George’s service, are precious to his family.  They were STOLEN from the family and recently auctioned on TRADE-ME … MONDAY, 20 August 2018 at 4.55 p.m.  – the Auction Number is: 1739582396. 

The Seller’s trading name is: “Redtred”  The Seller “Redtred” was contacted by a family member and arrangements made to return the items to her.  Redtred” lied about the arrangements, increased the price from $500 to $1299 and allowed the action to close as – “listing closed and did not sell” and disappeared.  No doubt he will attempt to sell them again probably under a different Trade-Me name.

WW2 Memorial Cross and Pacific Star

Memorial Cross – Obverse

Memorial Cross – Reverse

Box the Memorial Cross and Pacific Star were kept in

















Message to the New Owner  

Whilst you have most likely made this purchase in what you believe to be legitimate circumstances I would request you consider the family’s anguish at their loss, and also the following: the family of George FIRMAN have requested MRNZ (me) to assist in attempting to recover these medals.  So that you will not out of pocket, I am prepared to BUY-BACK these items for the family at a price you may nominate.  You may remain completely anonymous and deal through the MRNZ Post Office Box in Nelson, by text, email, snail-mail, or a Third Party if you wish to preserve your anonymity – you may also set the conditions for payment.         

I have no personal interests in these medals, nor any desire to initiate NZ Police action or follow-up.  Any contact with myself will remain strictly confidential, if you so wish.                  

If you would rather discuss the matter directly please contact me 24/7 by any of the following means (also listed on the MRNZ  website):  027-940-4495 ~  [email protected]  ~  Facebook: http\Facebook.com\medalmanz  ~ Snail-mail: PO Box 8034, Nelson Mail Centre, NELSON 7042


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