UPDATE – medal returned to family at Brown’s Bay RSA presentation

On March 21st, I posted the story of a former RNZN  Chief Petty Seaman Torpedo Anti-Submarine Instructor Charlie Lamb of Auckland, who had found a named WW1 medal in an Auckland ‘op’ shop.  Being somewhat dismayed to see it finish up in such undignified circumstances, Charlie purchased the medal with a view to returning it to the family.  He sent the (ribbon-less) medal  to MRNZ for research and to try and locate a surviving descendant.    

We eventually located two descendant brothers,  Bruce B. in Wellington and Neil B. in Napier.  Neil and Bruce are the great nephews of Spr. Lewis, their grandmother being the late Annie Lillian Lewis NEWMAN, Spr. Lewis’s only surviving sibling and sister.   

Once all essential ancestry details were confirmed Charlie was keen to return the medal in person and so arranged for an opportunity to do this at the East Coast Bays (Brown’s Bay) RSA in Auckland.   The medal was sent back to Charlie who had it cleaned, ribboned and a brooch bar attached (at his expense) so that it would be ready to wear for Anzac Day.  On 28 March, Charlie met with Neil at the Brown’s Bay RSA and presented him with the medal which was received on behalf of the surviving direct descendants of the Lewis family.  

Thank you Charlie – a fine gesture by one honourable serviceman to the family of another, one who made the supreme sacrifice – and was very nearly forgotten!  Spr. Lewis’s 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Memorial Plaque are still missing.

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Medal Presentation …

Neil and Charlie Lamb with a photo of Neil’s uncle, Spr. Charles L. Lewis, and his Victory Medal

Charlie & Neil enjoyed dinner and a beer after the formalities of the presentation