DANIEL LAURENCE SLOAN ~ Stolen medals found in Lake Forsyth by an eagle-eyed Little River resident.

36369 ~ DANIEL LAURENCE SLOAN     Readers who have cycled the Little River Rail Trail or travelled State Highway 75 from Christchurch to Akaroa on Banks Peninsula will be familiar with Lake Forsyth.  The state highway and Rail Trail borders the SW bank of the lake.   Mid-way along the lake is the Little River Freedom Camp, a small vehicle park on … [Read more...]

THOMAS WALTER TAYLOR ~ #200 ~ ID bracelet of a WW2 Gunner from Rai Valley, Marlborough is found after burglary.

20663 ~ THOMAS WALTER TAYLOR     A call to MRNZ from the New Zealand Police in late October 2017 was another of their requests for help to reunite a personal item of military memorabilia.  A bespoke Second World War identity bracelet had been handed in to the New Brighton Police Station, and I would attempt to locate an owner family or … [Read more...]

MAURICE CLIFTON DRUMMOND ~ ‘Death Penny’ & medal reunited with Braeburn, Lower Moutere descendant.

29235 - MAURICE CLIFTON DRUMMOND - KIA  Belgium   This is yet another case of a Memorial Plaque and medal 'lost' to an NZEF soldier's family by time and circumstance.  The plaque commemorates the death of Maurice Clifton Drummond, a former Motueka Mounted Rifleman and WW1 infantry soldier who was Killed in Action in Belgium, … [Read more...]

FREDERICK HAROLD MINTROM, MC, MM ~ Missing double gallantry group of a Canterbury soldier and officer welcomed home.

26363 & 3/1/5 - FREDERICK HAROLD MINTROM, M.C., M.M.       Foreword:  It is rare for MRNZ to have an opportunity to reunite a double gallantry medal group with the recipient's family.   One of only two NZ Machine-gun Corps recipients of two First World War gallantry decorations, his exploits warrant a book.  I have attempted to provide a … [Read more...]

THOMAS SEYMOUR PRICHARD, BEM (Mil) ~ Medal belonging to New Zealand’s “Mr Shooting” found in Waikari, Nth Canterbury.

271581 - THOMAS SEYMOUR PRICHARD, BEM (Mil)      An article appeared in an October edition of the North Canterbury News, relating the return of a WW1 Memorial ('Death') Plaque we had reunited with a Waikari family.  Brian O'Sullivan, also a Waikari resident, read the article and was prompted to recall a medal he had inherited from his grandmother after she died … [Read more...]

North Canterbury News ~ Trophy medal won 82 years ago reunited with family of New Zealand’s “Mr Shooting”

A rifle shooting medal earned in 1935 by a young man who would dedicate over 40 years to competition, coaching and administrating target rifle shooting in New Zealand, was found in a box of personal papers of a Waikari man's grandmother ... this article appeared in the North Canterbury News on February 5, 2018. Journey complete .. Brian O'Sullivan, right, holds the Pattee … [Read more...]

SAMUEL ALBERT McMILLAN, MM ~ Mataura River ‘gold’ is reunited after a 50 plus year unresolved mystery.

24/1439 - SAMUEL ALBERT McMILLAN, M.M. (aka William Henry McMillan)     I was recently privileged to do some research for the descendant family of another WW1 soldier who had earned a gallantry medal during the Battle of Harvincourt, France in September 1918. The research came about in a circuitous way which had started with a gold fob pendant/medal that had been … [Read more...]

CHARLES ROBERT GRATWICK ~ Deceased Estate medals of UK migrant reunited with descendant during visit to NZ.

8/3909 - CHARLES ROBERT GRATWICK    Polson McMillan (PM) is a Dunedin law firm.  One of PM consultant experts in family and property law is Helen Davidson from whom I received a letter in January 2016 regarding the Estate of Miss Christine Bertha GRATWICK, a 91 year old unmarried lady of Dunedin who had died at the Yvette Williams Rest Home on 12 January … [Read more...]

MATEKAIROA NICHOLAS BAKER ~ Medal found for service in Malaya with Fiji Infantry reaps two more for Gisborne family.

34042 - TE HOANI MATEKAIROA NICHOLAS BAKER       In July 2016 I received an email from Greg S. of Auckland who told me that as a Hamilton schoolboy some 25 years ago, he had found what he thought was a coin in McCracken Street, Hillview on his way to school.  Greg had held onto the ‘coin’ as a curiosity and only recently re-discovered it after being … [Read more...]

CPL ALBERT EVERITT, MM ~ Update No. 4 … the reunited Victory Medal

Where is "Mutt"? ... Andrew Dare's find of a Victory Medal (also dug up in a garden) turned out to be the second unearthed medal which had been awarded to Cpl Albert Everitt, M.M. - Killed In Action at Passchendaele.  Here are the latest pictures of Andrew and the medal he recently returned to the Everitt family.  … [Read more...]