FREDERICK EVERARD NEEDHAM ~ Taihape boy’s war medal gift of 80 years ago finds a home with recipient’s nephew.

81281 / 53890 / 413354 ~ FREDERICK  EVERARD  NEEDHAM ~ NZ Army & RNZAF    When Mary of Upper Hutt read her grandfather's military record of service in the NZ Expeditionary Force (NZEF) during WW1, she noted that it appeared his war medals had never been issued.   There was a medal action stamp on the file that read "MEDAL ACTION … [Read more...]

ALEXANDER FREDERICK McINTYRE ~ ANZAC Medallion for Greymouth great-nephew of 2nd day Gallipoli casualty.

6/683 ~ ALEXANDER FREDERICK McINTYRE     Malcom McINTYRE (1834-1899) and Margaret Elizabeth McDOUGALL (1850-1917) were both Scottish migrants to Dunedin, he a blacksmith from Glassary, Argyll and she from Lawrencekirk, Aberdeenshire.  Malcom McIntyre (1834-1899), born at Rothesay, Buteshire was a 24 year old journeyman (apprentice) blacksmith in Glassary when … [Read more...]

UPDATE ~ CHARLES HENRY GARTNER ~ “MUTT” found in Australia, has been reunited with “JEFF”

56764 RFLM Charles Henry Gartner ~ UPDATE     In August 2018 we bought you the story (below) of a First World War Victory Medal named to Rifleman Charlie Gartner that had been donated to MRNZ by a Nelson collector.  This resulted in the medal being returned to Charlie's grandson Wayne, a former Nelsonian now living in Waipawa who had left Nelson some 40+ … [Read more...]

HENRY RAYMOND BEVAN ~ War medal of NZ Maori rugby player from Otaki reunited with All Blacks family.

10/1741 ~ HENRY RAYMOND BEVAN     Naval Captain Simon Rooke, RNZN, a senior NZDF officer contacted me after having found a First World War medal whilst sorting  his deceased father’s personal effects.  The Victory Medal, in good condition complete with original ribbon, was named to 10/1741  PTE  H. R. BEVAN  N.Z.E.F.  As is often the … [Read more...]

THOMAS FAULKNER ~ Welsh merchant marine Captain’s WW1 medal reunited with great-grandson.

103480 ~ THOMAS FAULKNER  M.N. ~ Merchant Marine     Russell Bennison of Papakura had just read my first article in the Spring RSA Review regarding the wearing unofficial medals, and as  result email me, not with any query about unofficial medals, but one regarding a medal he had found mixed in with his own father’s medals (as so often happens).  … [Read more...]

ARCHIBALD NEWELL STANDRING ~ Medal of King’s Own Royal (Lancs) Regt. soldier from Wales found in Glendowie backyard fire-pit.

T-33677 & 28591 ~ ARCHIBALD NEWELL STANDRING ~ A.S.C.  &  2/5 KOR (LANCS) REGT.       The year was 1981 when Robyn W. and her husband Warwick bought themselves a 'doer upper' house at 35 Roberta Drive in the Auckland suburb of Glendowie.  The house had been tenanted for the previous 12 years and when the W.'s took possession, in Robyn's … [Read more...]

JAMES CLUNE ~ NZ (Maori) Pioneer Battalion soldier’s medal reveals a sad end to a ‘lost’ life.

16/570A ~ JAMES CLUNE    A medal found by Shane Bocock of Balclutha in his late father's belongings, was impressed in the name of soldier, 16/570A PTE. J. CLUNE  N.Z.E.F.  Shane's father, the late Murray Bocock from Taranaki, had completed his Compulsory Military Training in the late 1950s and Shane reckons given his interest in all things … [Read more...]

CHARLIE and JOHN RANDALL ~ ‘One medal begets two’ ~ a unique hand-over of Koromiko brother’s war medals.

3/2371 ~ CHARLIE RANDALL  and  61151 ~ JOHN RANDALL     This return of these two medals came about by very different circumstances however produced an outcome better than I could have ever anticipated. Earlier in the year a donor had sent MRNZ a 1914-15 Star named to, 3/2371 CPL. C. RANDALL  N.Z.E.F.   My initial review of Charlie Randall's … [Read more...]

!! STOLEN MEDAL !! ~ Auckland, 11 December 2018

!! ~ STOLEN  MEDAL ~ !! ~ 11 December 2018 ~    This medal named to G. D. HEARN was stolen during a burglary on TUESDAY, 11 December 2018 from a residence in AUCKLAND.  The medal was in its case of issue which was also named as above. If you see or are offered this medal at anytime, please contact Ian at Medals Reunited New Zealand on … [Read more...]

STOLEN WW2 MEDALS ~ HILLSBOROUGH, Auckland – 28 Nov 2018

!! ~ STOLEN  MEDALS  ~ !! ~ 28 November 2018 ~  These WW2 service medals named to E. D. TAYLOR were stolen during a daylight burglary yesterday afternoon, TUESDAY, from a house in HILLSBOROUGH, Auckland.  The medals were stolen from the home of Laura and Gavin; they were gifted to Laura by her grandfather.  Please help us to find them for … [Read more...]