Newsflash: FACEBOOK CANCELLATION – Medals Reunited New Zealand© is dumping its Facebook page !

Hi MRNZ Readers    

Please be advised that due to the on-going problems we are experiencing with FACEBOOK interfering with our page – access requirements, censorship, poor support, suspect security (including being HACKED), and personal information harvesting – Medals Reunited New Zealand© no longer has confidence in that platform – it is more trouble than it is worth!  Accordingly, our FACEBOOK page has been dumped forthwith and while it remains accessible, is now redundant until Facebook removes it (no new material will be added, effective immediately).  All references to the MRNZ Facebook URL will be removed from our website and correspondence.

The GOOD NEWS is that this website is alive and well and remains our preferred means of communicating with our world-wide following.  Our Contact Details on the front page remain unchanged, as is the CONTACT FORM provided for your convenience.  TEXT or EMAIL is easiest …

Mobile: 027-940-4495           Email: [email protected]

I regret any inconvenience the removal of the MRNZ Facebook page may cause but am sure you can appreciate that we do not need the hassles that interfere with our primary aim of reuniting medals with families.

Thanking you all for your continued support of our work.

Note: To continue receiving notifications of all new POSTS to our website, please ensure you have entered your email address in the ORANGE BANNER on the front page.


‘in alorium servitium’

Ian D Martyn 


Medals Reunited New Zealand©



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