Medals ~ FOUND



Are you able to help connect us to a deceased Veteran’s kin ? 

On this page you will find listed the names of deceased Veterans whose medals and/or items of ephemera have been found or donated to MRNZ, and are currently awaiting descendant searches.  If you recognize a name on the list and are able to put us in contact with family, a relative or an acquaintance who may be able to help, please contact us on 027-940-4495 or send us an email to [email protected] or send the details on our Contact Form.  

Do you have a MEDALS you want to return to a family ?

If so, we can definitely help you.  With access to a large pool of national and international resources plus fellow researchers, we undertake to make every effort to find a traceable family member or a close descendant, be they in New Zealand or abroad, with which to reunite your medals. 

Essential there are TWO options:

  1.  LIST – we will list you medal(s) or ephemera on this website for FREE provided you send us photographs of both sides of the medals and the impressed names on the edge or back of each.  It is then up to you to find a family descendant.  The listing will be removed after six  months if you do not have a result by then, or
  2.  RESEARCH – send the medal(s) or ephemera to MRNZ which will be held on loan temporarily (for the reasons, see Temporary Loan below) while we undertake the research to find a descendant.  The items will automatically be listed on the website upon receipt of the items.


Apart from reuniting medals with descendant families we will also undertake research to reunite military or para-military ephemera.  Typically these include: service certificates, commemorative medallions, lapel and military badges, insignia, identity (‘dog’) tags and bracelets, documents, papers/letters, framed items, photographs, books, clothing and equipment.

Researching & reuniting MEDALS 

I am often asked if I will find a family or descendant for people who find medals or have had them in the family for a number of years and would like to see them returned to the family.  I am very happy to accept every request but I must also be able to guarantee to the descendant family when found, that I can deliver the medals. If we were to trace a descendant and then hand the results over to the person wanting to return it, we would gain no opportunity to promote our work and reputation. 

Before accepting any medal/ephemera for research I must be able to guarantee I am in a position to handover the medals or item of ephemera once the descendant is found.  The only way I can provide such a guarantee is if MRNZ is holding the medals before any research is started.  To do this we request any item you wish to reunite with a family be sent to us on a Temporary Loan basis for the duration of the research. 

Please appreciate that considerable time may be needed to trace a descendant which can also involve personal expense for such things as; obtaining documents, file copies, information from international sources, internet ‘pay per view’ sites, and photocopying and postal charges.   Being a free service we could stand to lose both time and any money spent on case research if the medals were not available to give to family once they have been advised (which has happened in the past).  I must be able to give an unconditional guarantee that the medals will be returned, and so have to draw a line somewhere.

Were I not able to give that guarantee, or failed to deliver the medals, this could leave families angry and confused, and cause considerable embarrassment and harm to our reputation.  

We apply this policy to anyone wanting to reunite medals or ephemera, irrespective – be they members of the public, the Defence Forces, NZ RSAs, Aust RSLs, Police, Fire & Emergency services, public service organisations, charity shops, clubs and so on.  Medal finders and donors we have dealt with so far have all been willing to trust us with the care of their medals.

Temporary Loan  

  1. What is Temporary Loan ?  Medals held on Temporary Loan simply means they are held only for the duration of their research.  If the research is successful, the medals will be couriered to the recipient )or sent to you if you wish to deliver them personally), or will be safe-hand delivered by us (which may also be an opportunity to promote our work). 
  2. You retain ownership.  Ownership of the medals at all times remains yours; if after the research is complete a descendant cannot be located, the medals will be returned to you if you so wish, or alternatively we can offer a suggestion for their perpetual care. 
  3. Security.  Any medal entrusted to MRNZ is secured in a fireproof safe.
  4. Not for sale.  No medal or item of ephemera that MRNZ is holding will ever be sold or be made available to the open market (see also Medals that cannot be reunited below).  

Other advantages of  Temporary Loan

Apart from the need to provide recipient families a guarantee medal can be returned, and avoid research time and money being misspent, having medals on Temporary Loan:

  1. Allows a check of all named medals to ensure they are correctly impressed (not re-named originals, duplicates or fakes).
  2. Allows an assessment of the condition of medals, ribbons, suspension bars etc so we can offer restoration advice to recipient families. 
  3. Provides an opportunity to clean and photograph the medals ready for return, and for inclusion in the stories I write of all successfully reunited medals/ephemera.
  4. We publish only the impressed details that appear on the edge or rear of a medal of the medal recipient on our website – never the medals we are actually holding.  The spin-off effect is that it tells medal collectors that a medal they may be looking for to add to a collection, is unavailable and under action to be reunited with the Veteran’s descendant family. 
  5. The publication of impressed details can also deter would-be counterfeiters who might offer replica or fake medal groups to an unsuspecting family.
  6. Temporary Loan enables us to package medals securely in accordance with domestic or international postal, courier, customs and shipping requirements.

Letter of Receipt

For each medal owners peace of mind, once a medal is received a personal emailed or posted letter from me will be sent to you within 24 hours.  The Receipt and Temporary Loan letter is an acknowledgement of safe arrival (or not?) and the temporary loan of your items by MRNZ.  It is also your proof of ownership. 

Our research process

When medals or an item of ephemera arrives at MRNZ it is first entered into a database with all known information including that of the finder/owner details so you will never be forgotten, provided we have an email or telephone contact.  A preliminary check is made for the recipients complete medal entitlement so we can determine if any are missing. 

All medals we receive are then added to the Medals ~ FOUND listing below, as well as to the Auckland War Memorial Museum’s Cenotaph website.  Public access to these names can produce potential claimants to any of the medals listed, or can result in information being provided to us to either locate missing medals, or descendant families.  Both of these references can save us valuable research time by short circuiting potentially lengthy descendant searches. 

Each medal arrival receives an immediate assessment (about 1 hour) to ascertain if there is any possibility, based upon existing information, of being speedily reunited.  If so, it will receive a high priority for additional research and return.  If not, medals are queued (NZ medals first) in an order of their assessed research difficulty … easiest to the most difficult, the goal being to get as many medals reunited as quickly as we can. 

If we receive a medal or medals that we subsequently discover should have others with it but they are missing (two or more, called a split group), the name of the recipient and missing medals will be posted on our Medals ~ LOST page in the hope a finder or owner will contact us.  If any of the medals are owned by a collector, organisation, or member of the public the recovery of the medals will usually involve ‘buy-back’ – if they are offered for sale?  We will advise you if contacted with any information regarding lost or missing medals.

How long will it take ?

Research generally is not a quick process and instant results are rare.  Some cases can be complex and take many months, years even, to resolve (nearly 3 years is the longest so far).  Our priority is always to research medals awarded to New Zealanders first.  Tracing Veteran’s descendants who have left New Zealand, or who were non-NZ domiciled families, e.g. Australian, British, Canadian etc., can extend the length of research.

MEDALS that cannot be reunited

Be assured every effort to find a home for your medals will be made – your success is our reputation.  Should we reach a point when all possibilities have been exhausted and we still do not have a descendant contact, you will be contacted regarding the future of the medals – in any event they remain yours until a decision is made on how you would like us to proceed. 

Our default position in the absence of specific instructions for those medals we are unable to reunite, is to send them to the national museum of the Service the original named medal recipient/owner belonged to, i.e.  National Museum of the Royal New Zealand Navy, National Army Museum, Airforce Museum of New Zealand, New Zealand Police Museum etc.  This means that these medals will never be found on the open market for collecting or trading purposes and will be kept in a secure repository while also remaining accessible to future family descendants and historians.

‘Unclaimed’ MEDALS

Occasionally we receive requests for help with either finding out whether or not medal entitlements have been claimed by a service person or their families, or for help in obtaining medals not previously claimed.  We can help you with both of these.

Sending MEDALS or Ephemera to MRNZ

From experience we have found NZ Courier Post (track & trace) services to be the most reliable for the safe delivery of medals to our Nelson PO Box.  Please address all envelopes and packages to: M.R.N.Z. ~ PO Box 8034 ~ Nelson Mail Centre ~ Nelson 7042

Anonymous donations – No Questions!

If you have a medal or item of ephemera you would like returned to an owner AND wish to remain anonymous, you are welcome to send, or have a third party deliver, any medal or other item to our address above and no questions will be asked !

Claiming Medals and Ephemera

We are seeking family/descendants for the medals and ephemera named to the Veterans listed below.  Claimants will be required to provide documentary and photographic proof of identity plus evidence of their ancestral link to the Veteran before any item is handed over. 

NZ Medals ~ Non-NZ Medals ~ Reunited Medals



Boer War – NZMR, 9th Contingent 


John Henry


Boer War – NZMR, 5th Contingent 

FIRST WORLD WAR (1914-1918) – NZ, UK, Australia, Canada


NZ Rifle Bde., NZEF – 26 Reinf


Auckland Inf. Regt., NZEF –  9th Reinf 

37562SPRCharles Neville COLLINS

NZ Engineers, Tunnelling Company, NZEF – 4th Reinf

37725SPRJohn JosephO’DONNELL

NZ Engineers, Tunnelling Company, NZEF – 5th Reinf – reunited Aug 2018


Lawrence George


NZ Rifle Bde., NZEF – 12 Reinf


Alfred Dollery


Otago Inf. Regt., NZEF –  24 Reinf

74790PTEWilliamLAMB *

Otago Inf. Regt., NZEF – 38 Reinf



John Robert 

SINCLAIR1st Bn, NZ Rifle Brigade,  NZEF 

William Andrew


NZ Field Artillery, NZEF –  10 Reinf

6/1260PTE Thomas  CHARLTON

Canterbury Inf. Bn., NZEF – 2nd Reinf 


Leonard Harold


Auckland Inf. Regt., NZEF – 21 Reinf




Otago Infantry Bn., NZEF – Main Body – reunited Mar 2018


Otago Mounted Rifles., NZEF – 2nd Reinf; also NZ Field Artillery


Arthur Douglas

BAILLIENZ Rifle Bde., NZEF – 20th Reinf

Richard James 


Canterbury Inf. Bn., NZEF – 3rd Reinf

10075 SJT 

James Harold Russell


Canterbury Inf. Regt., NZEF – 11 Reinf 

36369 RFLM Daniel SLOAN 

Canterbury Inf. Battalion., NZEF – 26th Reinf – reunited to Melbourne Australia, Mar 2018

41198B SPR George RoachBARTLETT 

Otago Inf. Bn. / 1 Div NZ Field Engineers., NZEF – 2nd Reinf 

21973 PTE John CAMPBELL 

Otago Inf. Bn., NZEF – 16 Reinf


ERA 4 (Eng Rm Asst.)

Richard Douglas

CONWAYRoyal Navy (RN)
172465DVRJohn WeirGILMOUR

Royal Field Artillery (RFA) 


McLEAN (born GALBRAITH – native of Barra, Invernesshire,  Scotland)

Wellington Inf. Bn., NZEF – 37 Reinf 


Highland Light Infantry Regiment (HLI Regt)


William George




Wellington Mtd Rifles., NZEF – 7th Reinf


Joseph William


NZ Field Artillery., NZEF – 28 Reinf



Clinton RolandGRIBBENAuckland Inf. Bn., NZEF – 7th Reinf
59946PTEJohn AlbertMcDONALD

Wellington Inf. Regt., NZEF – 30 Reinf

30475 S/SGT (LT) 

Edmund Grieves 


NZ Field Artillery, NZEF – 22 Reinf 


Clifford Sydney 


NZ Field Engineers, NZEF – Main Body

29238 PTE William HenryJONES

17th Battalion, The King’s (Liverpool) Regiment 

3918 SJTWilliam 


Middlesex Regiment 
9/32 L/CPL Frank Mark 


Otago Mounted Rifles, NZEF – Main Body


James Fletcher 

DICKSON Merchant Navy
75386PTEEdward CharlesKING

Otago Infantry Regt., Reserve Battalion, NZEF – 39 Reinf

26/1667 L/CPL 

Hedley Frederick Christian

NAGEL NZ Rifle Bde., NZEF – 2nd Reinf 

T-30477  T-2698 12332   


Army Service Corps (ASC) 

10/2019PTE MylesWALSH

Wellington Inf. Regt, NZEF – 4th Reinf (formerly Royal Dublin Fusiliers: Boer War)

22980RFLMJohn ThomasHARRIS

3 Bn, NZRB, NZEF – 4th Reinf

62003RFLMAlfred NobelBROWN

G Coy, NZRB Reinf., NZEF

49233RFLMPatrick CecilDALY

J Coy, NZRB Reinf., NZEF 

50203BDRPercy HerbertFOWLER

NZ Field Artillery, NZEF – 28 Reinf

6/1308 & 2/1308aDVRThomas HARRIS

Canterbury Inf. Regt., NZEF – 2nd Reinf

 57049SJTSidney GordonDOIG

F Coy, NZRB, NZEF – 29 Reinf


NZ Rifle Bde, NZEF – 3rd Reinf


Otago Inf. Regt., NZEF – 9th Reinf


R.N. – CHAP.N (Chaplain)

Arundel John EdwardMacSWINEY R.N. (born SWINEY – of Cheltenham, Eng)

HMS SANDHURST, Royal Navy (RN) – buried Hillsborough, Auckland

58422RFLMAlbert EdwardDENHAM

NZ Rifle Bde., NZEF – 36th Reinf


James Alfred George


Auckland Inf. Regt., – NZEF 15 Reinf

6/3889 LT James Barr STRUTHERS

Otago/Canterbury Inf. Regt., NZEF – 9th Reinf 



Canterbury Inf. Regt., NZEF – Main Body

Refer Boer War above

8/2896CPLFrancis William


Otago Inf. Regt., NZEF – 7th Reinf

8/243CPL (WO2 & CSM)GeorgeMECHEN

Otago Inf. Regt., NZEF – Main Body


Specialist Company, MG Section – NZ Machine-gun Corps (NZMGC), NZEF – 24 Reinf

26/812CPLJames TraversHURLEY

NZ Entrenching Battalion, 4th NZ Rifle Bde. – NZEF 

9/1203PTE / DVRJamesMcKEOWN

Otago Mounted Rifles., NZEF – 6th Reinf – NZ Army Service Corps (NZASC)

6/2731CPLCharlesRANDALL *

Canterbury Inf. Battalion, NZEF – 6th Reinf – under reunite action Nov 2018


NZ Entrenching Bn, Cant. Inf. Regt., NZEF – 31 Reinf – under reunite action Nov 2018

56764RFLMCharles HenryGARTNER

H Coy, NZ Rifle Brigade Reinf., NZEF – reunited Jul 2018

2/555GNRJohn O’BRIEN

NZ Field Artillery, NZEF – Main Body

29235PTEMaurice Clifton


Canterbury Inf. Bn., NZEF – 18 Reinf – reunited Mar 2018


Samoan Advance Party., NZEF – NZ Army Service Corps (NZASC)

xxxxxxxxxSISTERNanceMcKAY, ARRC

Queen Alexandra’s Royal Navy Nursing Service (QARNNS) – WW1 France



Sylvia Daisy (born Daisy Sylvia)BROWN

Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve (QAIMNSR), BAF – WW1 England & France – Matron of Nelson Hospital 1920/37 – reunited Aug 2018




NZ (Maori) Pioneer Battalion., NZEF, 2nd Contingent – reunited Aug 2018




Canterbury Inf Bn., NZEF –  2nd Reinf – reunited Apr 2018



Henry JosephSHORT (Australian from Kalgoorlie – died in NZ)

AIF (med disch); 3rd Pioneer Bn, Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF)

T-33677 & 28591DVRArchibald NewellSTANDRING

Army Service Corps (ASC); 2/5 Kings Own Royal Lancashire Regt. (2/5 KOR LANCS Regt.) – reunited to Prestatyn Wales, Aug 2018

9/1106CPLAlexander PollockSCOTT

NZ Machine-gun Corps (NZMGC), NZEF – 5th Reinf

226416PTERichard AnthonyWILLIAMS

102 Canadian Inf. Bn., CEF

33202SPR / DVRWilliam JohnNEILL

NZ Field Engineers, NZEF – 22 Reinf

3/389SJTJames LeodamusCALDER

1/2 NZ Field Ambulance, OIR., NZEF – 2nd Reinf

81281PTEFrederick Everard


F Company, NZRB, 41 Reinf – NZEF – reunited Sep 2018

24/2552RFLMJohn JosephPEARSON

1st Bn, NZ Rifle Bde. – 5 Reinf., NZEF – refer also EPHEMERA below


Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC)

68335PTE GeorgeBUTLER

2nd Bn, Canterbury Inf. Regt., NZEF – 37 Reinf


S/SJT (later CAPT)


NZ Army Pay Department (NZAPD), NZEF



ThomasFAULKNERMerchant Navy – ex-LIVERPOOL & WHITBY – reunited to Tamworth Staffordshire, Sep 2018
46507PTEJohn Lisle WINTER

2nd Bn, Cant Infantry Regt., NZEF – 24 Reinf


1st Bn, Auckland Infantry Regt., NZEF – 14 Reinf

xxxxxxxxSMNJames FletcherDICKSON

UK/NZ Merchant Navy – buried Karori, Wellington

71106 RFLMJohn Samson 


2nd Bn, 3 NZ Rifle Bde., NZEF – 37 Reinf



George Alfred HARRIS


10/1741PTEHenry RaymondBEVAN 

Wellington Infantry Bn., NZEF – 4th Reinf – reunited Nov 2018

6/4056PTEPeter AlexanderHASLOCH 

1st Canturbury Infantry Bn,. NZEF – 4th Reinf

 41846PTEJoseph Patrick McANALLY 

Wellington Infantry Regt., NZEF – 23 Reinf


Samoan Relief Force, NZEF – Reinforcements

34843SJTHarold Robert  GUNN  (Bro-in-Law of Storrie)

Otago Infantry Battalion, NZEF – 20 Reinf

12/3840SJTRobertSTORRIE  (Bro-in-Law of GUNN above)

2/Canterbury Infantry Battalion, NZEF – 9th Reinf

68615PTEFrancis ClementMAY 

2/Auckland Infantry Battalion, NZEF – 33 Reinf


SECOND WORLD WAR (1939-1945) – NZ, UK, Australia, Canada


Douglas Haig


2nd NZ Divisional Artillery, 2NZEF 

24033 PTE Robert GOODING 

24 Inf. Battalion, 2NZEF 

12324 L/CPL 

Gordon Lance 

McKINNON26 Inf. Battalion, 2NZEF 
?? PTE

M.  (maybe Lewis Moss Levy?) 


TOBRUK SIEGE 1941 Commemorative ‘T’ medal 

P/JX 651330

WOO (LT-Ord Engr Off)

Charles Henry KING R.N. Royal Navy (RN), 1938-1958
22422GNRPeter Standish

SAVILLE (ex-UK, may be known as Savill, Savil, Sevil)

5 Field Regt., 2nd NZ Divisional Artillery, 2NZEF

481553CPLRobert WilliamROGERS

Infantry Reinf, NZ Provost Corps (NZPRO), 2NZEF

NZ401396 PLT.OFFRoyal George


RNZAF – 104 SQN, RAF – Canada 



RNZAF – 353 SQN, RAF – India


PTEBernard CecilWIDDON

NZ Medical Corps (NZMC) – Hospital Ship “Mangaunui” – reunited  Wollongong Australia, Oct 2017

20663 GNRThomas WalterTAYLOR 

NZ Artillery – 22 Infantry (Wellington) Battalion, 2NZEF 

33396S/SGTDeryck ReeveBACH

NZ Regiment – 25 Infantry Battalion, 2NZEF

13448PTEIan AlexanderBUCHANAN

30 (Mixed) Battalion, 3rd Echelon, 2NZEF – under reunite action Sep 2018


PTEHenry JosephSHORT

NZ Engineers – 4th Works Company (Home Service)

7619WO1Thomas Edward LionelKELLY

HQ, 27 (NZ) Machine-gun Battalion, (NZMGB), 2NZEF

40320WO2Horace HectorGIBSON

2nd NZ Divisional Signals, 2NZEF

61801LBDRWilliam KeithANDREWS

4 Field Regt., NZ Artillery Reinforcements, 2NZEF

5943LTRoderick BuchananFELL

22 (NZ) Battalion, 2nd Echelon, 2NZEF

NZ405322SGT (Pilot)Harry Gervase ROUGHTON

RNZAF / RAF – No. 19 Operational Training Unit


MEDALS ISSUED AFTER 1945 – NZ, UK, Australia, Canada



D.REESRoyal Air Force (RAF)
K19559PO-WEFLloyd JefferyCRON

RNZ Navy Volunteer Reserve (RNZNVR)

340572PTEAlfred HenryRETIMANA

1st NZ (Infantry) Regiment – reunited July 2018

40399PTEPercival RichardSIMEON

1st Battalion, RNZIR – Borneo – under reunite action Perth Australia, Nov 2018




Frederick/Fred Newman

STANTONCanterbury Inf. Regt. – 27 Reinf., NZEF
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSILVER WAR BADGE – NZ 7380

Found at residence in  Lambeth Rd, Sandringham, Auckland in 1972

48395PTEJoan MaryINGLIS

NZ Womens War Service Auxilliary (WWSA), 2NZEF

80641TPRRobert GeorgeHAMILTON

4th NZ Armoured Brigade, 2NZEF

596632PTELawrence ThomasHODGSON

NZ Infantry Brigade Reinforcements, 2NZEF

24/2552RFLMJohn Joseph PEARSON

1st Bn, NZ Rifle Bde. – 5th Reinf., NZEF – also refer WW1 above

6/3172SJTHerbert Alfred


1st Bn, Canterbury Inf.  Regt. – 7th Reinf, NZEF; – Special Duty with “DUNSTER FORCE”

618499PTERobert Kevin 


Infantry Reinforcements, 2NZEF


3Bn, 3rd NZ Rifle Brigade, – 11 Reinf, NZEF

13265PTERalph GordonHADFIELD

26 (NZ) Battalion, 2NZEF

80346RFLMGeorge OsmondFAIR

NZ Rifle Brigade – 42 Reinf, NZEF

6/3927PTEWalter ThomasWHITE

Canterbury Inf. Bn. – 9th Reinf, NZEF


Leslie Richard Kemp


2 Field Ambulance, NZ Medical Corps, NZEF


NEW additions – Nov/Dec 2018


CPL-SGT = either rank impressed on medal

(CPL) = Highest rank

 *  = Brothers