FREDERICK CHRISTMAS BARRON – Stalag 18A POW medals issued in 1983 located with MRNZ assistance.


A recent email from Donna V. requested help with information to try and establish whether or not a relatives war medals were in New Zealand, and if they were who may be holding them.  

Fred Barron had never bothered (or resisted ?) claiming his WW2 service medals and it was not until after his death in 1983 that his widow Patricia Ada (nee McSWEENEY) applied on behalf of the family for Fred’s medals which she duly received.  Since Patricia’s death in 2007 the whereabouts of the medals were unknown.

6650 Pte. Frederick Christmas BARRON, born in Auckland in 1914, was an upholsterer and had been drafted into the 19th Battalion, 2 NZEF in 1940.  Pte. Barron had spent time with is unit fighting through Africa and later in Greece.  In May 1941 Pte. Fred Barron was reported “Missing” and two months later confirmation had been received he was a Prisoner of War in Stalag 18A, Greece.  Here he remained for the remainder of the war until his release and transfer to the UK in March 1945.  Pte. Barron returned to NZ in September 1943 and discharged from the Army in January 1946.  

Awards:    1939/45 Star, Africa Star, War Medal-1939/45. NZ War Service Medal-1939/45, Greek War Medal

Service Overseas:    January 1940 – September 1945 = 5 years 241 days






With the information MRNZ was able to provide Donna, Fred Barron’s medals were traced and confirmed to be in Cambridge, New Zealand.

The reunited medal tally is now 132.

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