WILLIAM ANDREW CHAPMAN ~ The travels of a Palmerston North family’s WW1 memorial plaque finally end in London.

2/2792 – WILLIAM ANDREW CHAPMAN     Some years ago I saw a very nicely mounted WW1 Memorial Plaque on TradeMe that was named to one WILLIAM ANDREW CHAPMAN.  I thought at the time someone had gone to quite a lot of trouble to have it set into a solid (and heavy) nicely finished piece of polished mahogany, in the shape of a shield with cord attached for hanging on … [Read more...]

NZ Herald ~ Remarkable twist in mystery of WW1 hero Albert Everitt

NZ Herald ~ 29 October 2017  Read article - click here  … [Read more...]

BERNARD CECIL WIDDON ~ Medals dropped by burglars in Geelong Park make a double trans-Tasman crossing.

515226 - BERNARD CECIL WIDDON     I received a request from the Victorian Police on 5 October after a set of WW2 miniature medals belonging to a New Zealander had been found in a recreational park at Bell Post Hill, Geelong and had been handed in to local police in the town of Corio.  Checks of were made of all the RSL Clubs in Geelong and enquiries also made at … [Read more...]

ALEXANDER WATT McMILLAN ~ Saltwater Creek farmer a casualty of New Zealand’s “Darkest Day”

24/2541 - ALEXANDER WATT McMILLAN     In 2015 MRNZ received a memorial plaque from a confidential donor in the Waikato, named to Alexander Watt McMillan.  The plaque had been found in the possessions of a deceased pensioner, Albert King, who had apparently died with no known family.  Albert had also been a WW1 soldier but what the relationship (if any) with … [Read more...]

NZ Herald ~ Joy as WW1 medal finds its way home

NZ Herald ~ 13 October 2017  Read article - click here    … [Read more...]

CPL ALBERT EVERITT, MM ~ Update No 2 ~ 100th Anniversary of Battle of Passchendaele.

Read UPDATE  No. 2 on-line - click here   Read UPDATE  No. 1  - click here  Read ORIGINAL post - click here                    … [Read more...]

North Canterbury News – Journey home takes 100 years

12 October, 2017 Read this story on-line - click here  Coming Soon ... the website POST which will contain Alexander's Story ....   … [Read more...]

GEORGE WILLIAM DINES – Fairlie War Memorial leads a grandson to claim a descendant’s WW1 medal for his grandfather.

23/38 - GEORGE WILLIAM DINES     A Victory Medal found in the effects of a pensioner who had died alone in a Christchurch flat, was reunited with the recipient's  descendant family this week.  The Victory Medal was one of three medals together with a Memorial Plaque and Scroll that had been sent to Sgt. George Dines' parents of Fairlie, South Canterbury.  … [Read more...]

HUGH DIPROSE TURNER – Medals of Donnellys Crossing veteran reunited with serving great-nephew.

54787  - HUGH DIPROSE TURNER    Turnwell de Pringle William Owens Turner (1848-1911), sometimes known as Owen Turner, was a 32 year old coal miner from Brymbo, Denbighshire in Wales when he married 25 year old Marianna DIPROSE (1857-1945) from Chatham, Kent in 1879.   Prior to migrating to New Zealand Owen Turner's position at the mine was  that … [Read more...]

ALBERT EVERITT, M.M. ~ UPDATE ~ restored and reunited after 98 years.

20979 - ALBERT EVERITT, M.M.   ~~~~  UPDATE     To read the original Post click >>> HERE .... continued .... I discovered that whilst I had the correct address, unfortunately Mary Ellen Everitt had passed away in 2015.  Mr 'Google' and I went back to the internet to look for Mary's obituary notice.  With a bit of luck I might … [Read more...]