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MEDALS REUNITED NZ airing on “Good Sorts” – TV1 News

To view the video (2.35 min) click here:  ' MRNZ Good Sorts '  … [Read more...]


26 May 2017   … [Read more...]

CHARLES EDWIN ROBERTSON – Long lost RSA badge found in button box in Invercargill antique shop. 

8/3051 – CHARLES EDWIN ROBERTSON An email from a fellow NZ military history buff  who is also the architect of the websites “Unknown Soldiers & Nurses of Southland” and “Unknown Warriors of the NZEF" Iain Davidson sent me a photograph of a small Returned Soldiers lapel badge (the small size badge was produced in 1927, as a more practical variation … [Read more...]


8/2134 - WALTER GRAHAM SINCLAIR,  M.M.     In April we bought you the story of a Memorial Plaque named to Walter Graham Sinclair, a Sergeant in the Otago Infantry Regiment who was a Gallipoli veteran and Military Medal recipient.  Four months after the action that had Sgt. Sinclair nominated for the Military Medal for 'Bravery in the Field', he was killed … [Read more...]

JOSEPH NORMAN BRAUND – NZ Trooper’s Boer War medal found in Australia is reunited with his son in Auckland.

5463 - JOSEPH NORMAN  BRAUND     A Queen’s South Africa medal named to 5463 Trooper Joseph Norman Braund with original ribbon and two of the three entitled Clasps still attached, has been reunited with the son of the original recipient.  Joseph Wilfred (ka 'Wilf') Braund of Auckland received a surprise phone call from me two months ago advising him that I had … [Read more...]

BERTIE ERNEST EUSTACE LEYDON – Auckland Sister of Mercy is reunited with father’s Victory Medal.

18820 – BERTIE ERNEST EUSTACE LEYDON     Barry Low, a former NZ Army soldier living in Perth, Western Australia recently sent MRNZ a Victory Medal named to 18820 Private Bertie Ernest Eustace LEYDON.  Barry had been given the medal by a friend in NZ many years ago and had kept it with the intention of eventually “doing something” with it.  Barry called me and … [Read more...]

FREDERICK CHRISTMAS BARRON – Stalag 18A POW medals issued in 1983 located with MRNZ assistance.

6650 - FREDERICK CHRISTMAS BARRON    A recent email from Donna V. requested help with information to try and establish whether or not a relatives war medals were in New Zealand, and if they were who may be holding them.   Fred Barron had never bothered (or resisted ?) claiming his WW2 service medals and it was not until after his death in 1983 that his widow … [Read more...]