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Newsflash #3 … MRNZ has NEW landline telephone number

The re-location of Medals Reunited New Zealand© 2014 to Nelson is now complete.  The following land-line number may now be used in addition to my unchanged cell phone number (027 940 4495).   MRNZ Office:  (03) 546 7728 … [Read more...]

LIONEL RICHARD WOOD MATTHEWS – Nelson RSA medals – four groups returned, one to go.

79069 - LIONEL RICHARD WOOD MATTHEWS Lionel Richard Wood Matthews was born in New Plymouth in 1879.  In his early working life Lionel and his sister Effie had shared a house at 11 McFarlane St in Mt Victoria, Wellington.  Lionel was a self employed cabinet maker, and, at age 38yrs was typical of the age group being called up for war service toward the end of the war … [Read more...]

WILLIAM CHARLES SHEPPARD – Nelson RSA medals – only two more families to find.

12/4549 - WILLIAM CHARLES SHEPPARDIn acknowledging the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli Landings in 1915, WW1 medals which had for decades lain undisturbed in the care of the Nelson RSA, were offered up for return to any direct descendant families who could prove their lineage and connection to the original medal recipients.   Between June and September 2014 about 50% … [Read more...]

Newsflash #2 … NZDF Medals Office & Archives Office Merge

The former NZDF Medals Office and Archives Office have now merged and are one unit called the NZDF Personnel Archives & Medals.  There is now only one contact telephone number which is (04) 527 5280 and one incoming email address for medals or personnel archives inquiries:  [email protected]  The FAX number is: (04) 527 5288  … [Read more...]

BENJAMIN OSBORNE FINLAY – ‘Coin’ reunited with Finlay family of Ngatea.

34352 - BENJAMIN OSBORNE FINLAY In October last year I received an email from Coral B. of Tauranga telling me that she had found what she initially thought was  a coin in what had been her deceased father’s collection of coins and general bits ‘ n’ pieces acquired over his lifetime.  The "coin" she discovered was actually a WW1 British War Medal, minus its ribbon … [Read more...]