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If you have a military medal that you would like to see returned to the medal recipient’s surviving family or a descendant, we can help you …

Medals Reunited NZ has a resource network that allows us to research all New Zealanders and Australians who were issued war and service medals from the South African (Anglo-Boer) War, WW1, WW2, Japan, Korea, Malaya, Borneo, Vietnam, United Nations & Peacekeeping missions, and beyond.  We also have access to international databases.

We will undertake to research any medal however it will require you to entrust us with the temporary custody of these medal.  This procedure not only affords the opportunity to establish the authenticity of the medal and photograph it for s subsequent article, but it also avoids any potential for ill-feeling or embarrassment between the veteran’s family or descendants and MRNZ should the medal owner subsequently decide to retain it, once MRNZ has promised its return.  Such action by an owner/donor is rare however when it has happened it can be costly for us in terms of our reputation, time spent in research, and any incurred expenses – all of which are met from our own pockets.  By having the medals or ephemera in hand before we start the research, we can ensure the integrity of MRNZ is maintained by being able to guarantee a medal is handed over when the research is successful.  Should the owner/donor wish to be involved with the handover once a return is confirmed we can make arrangements accordingly.

Once we have received the medals/ephemera a case-file is opened and research pursued until we get a definite result, one way or the other.  You will be advised of our findings when the research has been completed and the items reunited.  You will also be advised if  we are unable to locate any descendant to return items to.  In this last case we will consult you regarding the future of the medals or ephemera.  At no stage will any item be offered for sale or otherwise disposed of.  Our default position in the event a medal/ephemera  can not be reunited and there are no specific instructions for disposal, is to deposit these with the national Service museum most closely associated with the original named medal recipient.

Requests to find medals

Regrettably we are not able to undertake specific search requests to locate family medals.  The MRNZ team have regular jobs and as a consequence the research we do to reunite medals with kin is largely done in our spare time.  Therefore we must necessarily focus on researching and reuniting only the medals and ephemera that have been entrusted to us.

We can however place your request on our ‘Missing In Action’ website page which is also passed to our world-wide network of contacts, many of whom run databases and websites that specialize in missing medals. 

Contacting the Research Team  

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We are a 100% NOT-FOR-PROFIT, self-funded organisation run by part-time volunteers.  We apologize if it takes us more than 48 hours to get back to you.  MRNZ is an international organisation which receives many requests and inquiries from around the world each week, and so on occasions we can be a little behind in responding to inquiries.  We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible and do appreciate your patience.   Alternatively, if you are a keen researcher and are interested in becoming a volunteer yourself – please contact the Administrator of this website to discuss how you can help.

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